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Below is the most recent roster for the Balch and Porterfield.


Please check your information for accuracy.


Deceased shipmates are listed on our Memorial List page.


If you find an error in your listing, please contact Pat Siler with corrections.


Also, contact Pat if you know anyone who was on either crew and is not listed.


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if you’d like someone’s email address, please contact Pat Siler.


This page and website will be replaced in the near future.



Last Name First Name Nickname Ship(s) Rate/Rank Years Division/Department
Aaron Harold   Porterfield Deck Hand 43-45 2nd Div
Abbott D.L.   Porterfield RD2   OI Div
Abello Francisco B   Porterfield TN 66 S Div
Abeyta Daniel   Porterfield TMSN 60s  
Abild Robert C   Porterfield BM1 51-52 1st Div
Adams Art   Porterfield      
Adams Charles R   Porterfield IC1 66 E Div
Adams Forrest   Balch WO 40-45  
Adams Joesph A   Porterfield BTFA   B Div
Adamson D.H.   Porterfield FN    
Alexander William H   Porterfield SMSN 66 OC Div
Alexander William L   Porterfield HM1 66 OE Div
Allard Robert Bob Porterfield WT2 43-46  
Allen E Ray   Balch TMSN 43-45 Fox Div
Allen Curtis G   Porterfield FA 66 M Div
Allen David G   Porterfield FN 65-67 R Div
Allen Murvin   Porterfield CS3 60-62 Supply Div
Allen Stephen M   Porterfield FA 66 B Div
Allomong Michael   Porterfield      
Alpert Michael          
Altfeltis John A   Porterfield SM1 65-66 OC Div
Alves, Jr. Frank A   Porterfield FN 64-66?  
Anderlohr Otto C   Porterfield BT3 51-54 B Div
Anderson Dewey R Andy Porterfield FT1 57-60 2nd Div
Anderson Douglas P.   Porterfield LTjg 68-69  
Andrews Merle F   Porterfield RD1 56-57 OI Div
Armenta Leo W   Porterfield GMG3 65-69 2nd Div
Armstrong Roland   Porterfield STG1 67 Fox Div
Arrington McDonald   Porterfield PC3 66 OE Div
Ary Michael   Porterfield RD3 67-69 OI Div
Askew David F   Porterfield SK3 66 Supply Div
Audano Francis A Frank Porterfield RD3 65-67 OI Div
Augenblick     Porterfield CDR 57-59  
Ausmus Joe D.   Porterfield FN 65-67  
Autrey Robin D   Porterfield MM2 66 M Div
Avery Raymond   Porterfield CS3 58-61 Supply Div
Bachtell Roger   Porterfield Ltjg 54  
Bailey Billie C. Bill Porterfield GM3 65-69 2nd Div
Bailey John D.   Porterfield FA 61  
Baker Charles Chuck Porterfield BMSN 59-60 1st Div
Baker Fredrick   Porterfield SN 66 1st Div
Baliel Bob   Porterfield SM3 57-59 OC Div
Balkema James   Porterfield SK2 58-60 Supply Div
Ballinger James   Porterfield BT2 56-59 B Div
Band Raymond E   Porterfield RD1 66 OI Div
Baptist Rollin   Porterfield FC3 43-45  
Barber William R Rudy Porterfield MM 50-52  
Barbour Deb          
Barnard Howard   Balch SK2 40-43 Supply Div
Barnett Lloyd   Porterfield      
Barnhart William   Porterfield GM 56-59  
Barni Wayne G   Porterfield MM3 64-67 M Div
Baroni Richard J   Porterfield SN 66 1st Div
Barrett Everett   Porterfield     R Div
Bartels Donald E   Porterfield GM3 51-54  
Bartlett Everett   Porterfield DC3 68-decom R Div
Barto Munroe E   Balch TM   Fox Div
Barton Toby R   Porterfield RM3 65-68 OC Div
Bartosiewicz John   Porterfield SFP3 68-Decom R Div
Basile Anthony J. Tony Porterfield GMG3 68-69  
Baughan Robert L Bob Porterfield CDR 50-52  
Baxter Bill   Porterfield BM1 62-65 OI Div
Bealor Thomas L   Porterfield EM2 66 E Div
Bean Richard   Porterfield Ltjg 58-60  
Beard Henry M   Porterfield RD3 61-66 OI Div
Becker Charles   Porterfield SN1/c 51-52  
Beckman Harold   Balch TM2 40-42 Fox Div
Beckstrom Gene   Porterfield WT2 43-46  
Bell Carl E   Porterfield SKSN 60-63 Supply Div
Bengtson Paul D   Porterfield TM2 63-65 Fox Div
Bennett Edward B Junior Porterfield BM3 53-54 1st Div
Bennett Edwin B Ed Porterfield BT2 52-55 B Div
Bennett James D Jim Porterfield MM3 65-67 M Div
Bennett Barry L   Porterfield ETN3 68-decom OE Div
Benson William   Balch GM2 41-45  
Bentley David A   Porterfield SN 66 Supply Div
Berge Edward   Porterfield BT 61-63 B Div
Berndt Melvin   Porterfield      
Biancone Donald Don, Tony Porterfield RD3 55-56  
Biddles Hank   Porterfield LTjg 68-69 ASW Officer
Bidwell Robert          
Bilderback Arthur E Art Porterfield SH2 55 Supply Div
Bittner Kenneth D   Porterfield MM1 66 M Div
Black John W   Porterfield LT 66-68 Engineering Officer
Blackwood Thomas H   Porterfield LTJG 66 First Lieutenant
Blanchard Ronald G   Porterfield FN 65-69 M Div
Bleza III Juanito M   Porterfield SK1 66 Supply Div
Blue Gilbert Chief   Porterfield MM2 59-61  
Bluhm William   Porterfield FT1 54-56 2nd Div
Bond Mel          
Bonner Everett   Porterfield GMSN 60  
Boo David C   Porterfield RD3 65-67 OI Div
Bopp Larry   Porterfield SN 67-68  
Bosler Andrew A   Porterfield SN1/c 51-52  
Bosler Edward Bos Porterfield RD3 65-69 OI Div
Bosler John   Porterfield FN 68-69  
Boston John E. Jack Porterfield BT3 54-58 B Div
Boyd William V   Porterfield MM2 64-67 M Div
Boydstun Jack   Balch RM3 38-41 OD Div
Boyle John H   Porterfield SN1/c 53-54  
Boyle Bradford A Brad Porterfield   53-55  
Breece Erle E   Porterfield Carp Mt 2 43-46  
Bres John H   Porterfield CDR 67  
Breshears Carl   Porterfield FN 52-53  
Bretches Ivan D   Porterfield RD2 66 OI Div
Breuer Terry A   Porterfield SN 66 I Div
Brick Eugene M Gene Porterfield GM2 45-46  
Brogdon Kenneth   Porterfield EM3 66-68 E Div
Bronk Jay Jerone   ?      
Bronstad James O.   Porterfield FC2 43-46  
Brooks Edward   Porterfield MM3 68-69  
Brown Larry   Porterfield MR3 66-68 R Div
Brown Bill   Porterfield   54-56  
Brown C.W. Bill Porterfield PO2 58-60  
Brown Mike   Porterfield LTjg 60-62  
Brown Tony E   Porterfield RM3 66 OC Div
Brown Jr Earl   Porterfield SN 55  
Brown, Jr James C   Porterfield SN 66 Supply Div
Browning Arthur J Jim Porterfield SK3 64-66 Supply Div
Bruno Frank   Balch TM3 43-45 Fox Div
Bryan John E Jeb Porterfield GMG2 64-67 2nd Div
Buchanan John R Buck Porterfield SM2 62-65 OC Div
Buchanan Oscar   Porterfield BM1 66 1st Div
Buehrle Kenneth   Porterfield MM3 68-69  
Buffington Roger   Porterfield RM3 early 60s OC Div
Bumbalough Burtchie   Porterfield BT2 66-69 B Div
Burgess Orville C   Porterfield SA 64-69 2nd Div
Burke Walter   Porterfield SN1/c 43-45  
Burks Ronald T   Porterfield FTG2 66 2nd Div
Burney Noah L   Balch/Porterfield   42-43/43-  
Burres Morland E   Balch MMC 41-45  
Bushnell William M   Porterfield LTJG 66 Fire Control Officer
Butler James L Jimmie Porterfield GMGSN 63-65  
Byrd Randall   Porterfield FA 66 B Div
Cain Guthrie E.   Porterfield      
Caldwell Marvin F   Porterfield RM2 64-67 OC Div
Caldwell Wallace F   Porterfield PN1 51-52 Ship's Office
Camacho Santos C   Porterfield FN 66 M Div
Campbell Howard R   Porterfield   54-58  
Campbell James W Jim Porterfield BT3 67-69 B Div
Campbell Jim R   Porterfield RD 67-68 OI Div
Campbell Robert T   Porterfield SN 66 OC Div
Campbell Stanley D Stan Porterfield SKSN 62-65 Supply Div
Candelario Antonio   Porterfield TN 66 Supply Div
Canoso Bob   Porterfield RDMN 60-63 OI Div
Carr Jim   Porterfield   59-61  
Carrington Dean   Porterfield      
Carroll Dale   Porterfield SK3 60-62 Supply Div
Carrozo Joe   Porterfield WT1 66-68  
Carsten John A   Balch LT 43-45  
Carter John Ed   Porterfield MM2 60-62  
Carter Larry C   Porterfield SN 66 1st Div
Carter Tom   Porterfield   58-60 2nd Div
Casillas Michael J Mike, The Greek Porterfield IC3 63-66 E Div
Cass Lorne Lonnie Porterfield BMSN 61-63 1st Div
Cassel William   Porterfield SN 71-72  
Cate Larry J   Porterfield GMG2 62-63  
Catelli Vincent J   Balch      
Cavanagh, Jr Charles D Chuck Porterfield FN 66 M Div
Channer Reynold E Ron Porterfield EMFN 65-68 E Div
Chapman Jack   Porterfield EM1 51-55 E Div
Chapman Paul   Porterfield   69  
Chase Robert E   Porterfield MM2 42-45  
Chase Tommy W Tom Porterfield BMC 63-67 1st Div
Child, Jr Elmer M   Porterfield GMCS 66 2nd Div
Childress O D   Porterfield SN 51-52  
Chrisman Edward K   Porterfield FN 52-56  
Christensen Carl S.   Porterfield MM3 58-60  
Christopherson Wayne   Porterfield SN 51-54  
Chupp Samuel E. Ed Porterfield GM2 43-45  
Church Mike   Porterfield LTjg 67-69  
Ciarrocchi Tony   Porterfield YNSN 57-60  
Clark Charles M Charlie Porterfield MM3 late 60s  
Clark Therman B   Porterfield FN 66 M Div
Clark Earbie L   Porterfield GMG3 66 2nd Div
Clark James   Porterfield QM3 51-54 OC Div
Clark Richard Dick Porterfield EN2 55-59 R Div
Clark Sr John J   Porterfield ETN3 66 OE Div
Clarke Jack   Porterfield IC3 61-62 E Div
Clements Russell   Porterfield SN 62-64 1st Div
Clevenger Redmond L. Red Porterfield CH ENG 57-60  
Clifton Glen M   Porterfield STG3 65-66 Fox Div
Cockrell Gerald D   Porterfield GMG3 66 2nd Div
Coe, Jr
Coe, Jr
Howard L   Porterfield GMG2 66 2nd Div
Coenen George   Porterfield ETR2 63-66 OE Div
Coffey Jack   Porterfield RD - SN1/c 52-53 OI Div
Cogley Bill   Porterfield BM3 43-45 1st Div
Coke Jr William B   Porterfield BT3 67-68 B Div
Cole Willie E   Porterfield FN 66 B Div
Collins P. Chuck   Porterfield MM2 63-64 R Div
Conerty Michael J Mike Porterfield LT 68-69 Weapons Officer
Connell C W Red Porterfield GM1 45-46  
Cook Kenneth O   Porterfield OSCS 62-63  
Cook Ronald   Porterfield CS3 60-62 Supply Div
Cooper Donald W   Porterfield YNC 66 Ship's Office
Corcoran John Jack Porterfield BM3 59-63 1st Div
Cordova Manuel   Porterfield SN1/c 43-46  
Corlett William   Balch      
Cornish Daniel F   Porterfield BT3 65-66 B Div
Cottrell Charles L   Porterfield SM3 66 OC Div
Cox Robert H   Porterfield FC2 43-46  
Craig John S   Porterfield ENS 66 EMO Officer
Cromwell William G Bill Porterfield RM2 65-69 OC Div
Cross Richard A   Porterfield RM3 61-64 OC Div
Crowder Clarence C   Porterfield FN 66 M Div
Cuff James   Balch SN1/c 43-45  
Custer J. Douglas   Balch Officer 42  
Darnell     Porterfield SFC 62? R Div
Davis Edgar A   Porterfield GM3    
Davis George R   Balch MM3 43-44  
Davis Matt   Porterfield GMG3 68-69  
Dean Robert E   Porterfield SN 66 1st Div
Deese Alfred I   Porterfield QM1 66 OC Div
Degler Ward   Porterfield CDR 62-63  
DeKay George H Chuck Balch LT 43-45  
DeLaCruz Ruben   Porterfield SH3 54-56 Supply Div
Demaiffe Dennis J   Porterfield FN 64-66 B Div
DeMonte Michael   Porterfield MM2 54-56  
Dennie William   Porterfield FTC 59-60 2nd Div
Dettlaff John   Porterfield SO2 54-57  
Devin Jim D   Porterfield MM 68-69  
Deyoe Bob   Porterfield SM2 59-62 OC Div
Diamond Lee O   Porterfield EN1 66 R Div
Dickey Owen L   Porterfield RM3 66 OC Div
Dickson Robert W   Porterfield FA 66 B Div
DiDomizio Daniel   Porterfield MM1 43-46  
Dignan Frank   Porterfield EM3 55-56 E Div
Dill Ricky W   Porterfield SA 66 1st Div
Doby Jim   Porterfield      
Dodds Eugene A Gene Porterfield FT3 64-66 2nd Div
Doran Joseph Q   Porterfield MM1 43-46  
Dougan John   Porterfield SKD2 43-46 Supply Div
Dow McMorris   Balch RM1 40-43 OC Div
Dudley Ed   Porterfield CSC 44-45 Supply Div
Dunlap George W   Porterfield GMG2 66 2nd Div
DuPuy Michael J.   Porterfield GMG3 67-68  
Duran Kenneth R   Porterfield SA 66 1st Div
Durfey John   Porterfield FTSN 59-62 2nd Div
Durrett William   Balch ENS 40-42  
Dutton Peter R Pete Porterfield MM2 59-61  
East William R   Porterfield MRFR 66 R Div
Eaton George   Porterfield SC2    
Eberwein John H   Porterfield LISN 66 1st Div
Eggen Tyrone   Porterfield TM2 60-63 Fox Div
Eilert Donald R   Porterfield SHSN 66 Supply Div
Elder Samuel E   Porterfeld MM2 66 M Div
Elliott II Raymond L   Porterfield RDSN 64-66 OI Div
Ellis Cecil Mack Mack     58-60  
Elliston Richard E   Porterfield SA 66 1st Div
Emiliio Frank L   Porterfield SHB3 66 Supply Div
Engle Bill Billy Porterfield ET 68-Decom OE Div
Erwin A.M. Bub Balch TPM3 41-42  
Estuar Arturo O   Porterfield SD2 66 Supply Div
Eversole Charles L. Chuck, Charlie Porterfield   late 50s  
Farmer Danny R   Porterfield FA 66 B Div
Farmer, Jr Roe D   Porterfield EM3 66 E Div
Fearnow Leslie R   Porterfield SHSN 66 Supply Div
Fenech John   Porterfield MMFN 62  
Ferguson Ronald W   Porterfield RM3 66-67 OC Div
Ferm Jerry   Porterfield BT3 52-54 B Div
Ferraguti Lou   Porterfield SN 57-59  
Fey Kenneth L   Porterfield SN 66 Supply Div
Fielding Everett E Ed Porterfield MM2 66 M Div
Fisher Patrick J Pat Porterfield PN3 50-53 Ship's Office
Flanigan Jim   Porterfield RD2 67-decom OI Div
Fleetwood Jr Fred Sonny Porterfield BT3 62-65 B Div
Fogo Neil   Porterfield ETN2 59-62 OE Div
Forbes Oscar Oz Porterfield SHCS 58-60 Supply Div
Forstner George   Porterfield BT2 62 B Div
Foster Dickey Ray   Porterfield MM2 58-62  
France Charles H Charlie Porterfield CS3 55-56 Supply Div
Frank Robert L   Porterfield BT2 66 B Div
Franks Thomas Lee   Porterfield BM3 61-62  
Franzen Ed   Porterfield ENS 52-55  
Fredenburg Arthur D.   Porterfield SK3 50-52 Supply Div
Frix Richard F   Porterfield MM2 64-66 M Div
Gabrielsen Harold O Gabe Balch MM2 43-46  
Gagg Edward Karl Ed Porterfield MM2 51-52  
Gamble Jim   Porterfield EM3 67-69 E Div
Garcia Edgard M   Porterfield ETR3 66 OE Div
Garcia Robert   Porterfield SN 66 Ship's Office
Gardner Charles L   Porterfield BT1 51-55 B Div
Garland Glen   Porterfield RM2 65-69 OC Div
Garland Jerry   Balch      
Garren Dee F   Porterfield CS3 66 Supply Div
Gifford Charles L   Porterfield RM3 64-66 OC Div
Gilley Larry   Porterfield QM2 62-65  
Gilliland     Porterfield LCDR 57-59  
Ginsburg Alvin   Porterfield LTjg 59-60  
Glovna Steve D   Balch SOM3 43-44  
Godfrey Donald E Don Porterfield LTjg 58-60  
Gomez Richard R   Porterfield RM3 65-68 OC Div
Gomez Ernesto M Ernie Porterfield TM3 64-67 Fox Div
Gomez Thomas   Porterfield SM1 66 OC Div
Gondring William H   Porterfield LTjg 60  
Goodhart Fred H   Porterfield SM 43-45 OC Div
Goodrich David W   Porterfield ETNSN 66 OE Div
Goodrich William J   Porterfield FTGSA 66 2nd Div
Gordon Larry B   Porterfield MM2 66 M Div
Gossett Bob   Porterfield MM2 62-65  
Graham Rufus B   Porterfield SN 66 Supply Div
Gray Charles R Pappy Porterfield MM1 66 M Div
Grayson Don   Porterfield SN 56  
Greene Charles E   Porterfield FA 66 B Div
Greene Dennis C   Porterfield STG2 66 Fox Div
Greenewald William   Porterfield   50-51  
Grems Harold   Porterfield LT 65-68  
Griffin Paul   Porterfield QM3 63-65 OC Div
Grigaitis Benny   Balch BM2 38-43 1st Div
Grimm Joseph R   Porterfield      
Grimm William Peyton Porterfield RDSN 59 OI Div
Grinstead Kieth D   Porterfield PN3 66 Ship's Office
Griswold Fred   Porterfield BT2 58-62 B Div
Gruden Jeffrey J   Porterfield EM2 66 E Div
Gruenloh Vince   Porterfield ENS 56-58  
Gruhala Carl   Balch   43-46  
Gugliatto Edward   Porterfield SM1 43-45 OC Div
Gunter Jess R   Porterfield GM2 52-54  
Gurnett Richard   Porterfield RM3 52-53 OC Div
Gurula Robert J   Porterfield FN 66 M Div
Gurule Benjamin Ben Porterfield GM3 53-57  
Guyer John E   Porterfield RM2 52-54 OC Div
Hackney George   Porterfield SN 55-59  
Hairell Marvin J   Porterfield RD3 66 OI Div
Hakanson Richard   Porterfield ETSN 57-59 OE Div
Hall Don   Porterfield TM3 62-64 Fox Div
Hallum Stephen E   Porterfield STGSN 66 Fox Div
Hamilton Otis   Balch RD3 43-46 OI Div
Hamilton Thomas W Tom Porterfield PN3 52-54 Ship's Office
Hankins John C   Porterfield LT 66 Medical Officer
Hannum,, Jr Edmund P   Porterfield LTJG 66 CIC Officer
Hanson Robert   Porterfield QM 51-53 OC Div
Hanson Richard S   Porterfield BM2 66 1st Div
Hardesty Orval V Van Porterfield SN 66 2nd Div
Harper Earl   Porterfield BTC 50-53 B Div
Harper William   Porterfield CS2 65-69 Supply Div
Harper William F   Porterfield FA 66 B Div
Harris Neal   Porterfield SM 59-60 OC Div
Harris William G Bill Porterfield EM2 63-65 E Div
Haugen Melvin E   Balch SN1/c 43-45  
Hayhurst John W.   Porterfield EMFN 59 E Div
Hazelton, Jr Wayne E   Porterfield SA 66 1st Div
Heath Patrick G   Porterfield ETR3 66 OE Div
Heckathorn Alan   Porterfield FC 58-59  
Hegel Fred   Porterfield MM3 60-62  
Heiden Michael D   Porterfield RD3 66 OI Div
Heinrich Steve T   Porterfield FA 66 R Div
Hemmy Victor   Porterfield Midshipman 65 (3 mos.)  
Henderson Lehmann   Balch ENS 46  
Hendrick Jackson L.   Porterfield SN 66 R. Div
Hendrickson Ivan C   Porterfield SN 66 2nd Div
Hesler John   Porterfield   60-62  
Hightower Alton E   Porterfield MM3 66 M Div
Hildebrand James F.   Porterfield SN 57-59  
Hilgers Gene   Porterfield   50-52  
Hill, Jr Harold   Porterfield FN 66 B Div
Hinchey, Jr Timothy K   Porterfield LT 66 Operations Officer
Hite Lloyd H   Porterfield SN 66 1st Div
Hix John M Jack Porterfield FTG3 66 2nd Div
Hoaglan Orval F   Porterfield MM3 66 M Div
Hoberle George          
Hook Robert M.   Porterfield MM3 55-56  
Hoopengarner Ernest   Porterfield BT3 64-66 B Div
Hornbeck Douglas M   Porterfield FA 66 B Div
Houghtaling Gene   Porterfield RD3 68-decom OI Div
Housley Jarrell L   Porterfield BT3 66 B Div
Housman Nelson   Porterfield BT3 48-52 B Div
Houston Sam          
Howard Denis   Porterfield E3 61-63  
Howell James E   Porterfield RM2 66 OC Div
Howell Larry W   Porterfield MM3 66 M Div
Hoyt Emmett L   Porterfield RD3 67-68 OI Div
Hreha Michael J   Porterfield FN 66 M Div
Hubbs James L Jim Porterfield MM3 52-54  
Hudson Robert L.   Porterfield SN 51 (2 mos.)  
Huff George D   Porterfield BM3 52-55 1st Div
Huffman Robert E Bob Porterfield RM2 52-56 OC Div
Hugo David P Dave Porterfield SFP2 66 R Div
Huston, Jr Harry S   Porterfield GMG1 65-68  
Hutchins Robert B   Porterfield BTFN 65-68  
Hutchins Henry L   Porterfield SN 66 2nd Div
Hyland Richard Rip Porterfield QM3 60-62 OC Div
Jackels Maynard L   Porterfield SA 66 2nd Div
Jackson Charles   Balch SN1/c 44-45 2nd
Jackson George   Porterfield RDC 66 OI Div
James Ralph   Porterfield BT1 66 B Div
Jarman Chester E   Porterfield SN 66 1st Div
Jenkins Rex H   Porterfield SF3 61-62 R Div
Jennings William   Porterfield SF 44-45 R Div
Jennison Robert   Porterfield GMC 60-63  
Jessen Darrell   Porterfield EM? 58-59  
Jochim Stanley   Balch   41-43  
Johns Bill   Porterfield FC3 51-54  
Johnson Robert   Porterfield IC3 65-69 E Div
Johnson Charles   Porterfield SN1/c 45-46  
Johnson Donald L Don Porterfield FTG3 65-66 2nd Div
Johnson Eddy M   Porterfield SK3 65-69 Supply Div
Johnson Harry Johnny Porterfield EM1 43-46 E Div
Johnson Randall Randy Porterfield EM3 69-Decom E Div
Johnson Robert H   Porterfield SN 66 1st Div
Johnson Robert M   Porterfield MM3 55-56  
Johnston Robert D   Balch Engine Room? 44-45  
Jones Donald   Porterfield RM2 63-64 OC Div
Jones Thomas   Porterfield MM2   M Div
Jones, Jr Hinton B   Porterfield DC1 66 R Div
Jordan Arthur M   Porterfield FN 66 E Div
Joyce Robert H   Porterfield LT 67-69  
Judd Michael R   Porterfield ETN2 61-64 OE Div
Julian Robert   Porterfield IC2 56-59 E Div
Juntunen     Porterfield   60s  
Justiniano Amando   Porterfield SD2 66 Supply Div
Kalakauski Lawrence A Larry Porterfield BT3 57-60 B Div
Katan Earl   Porterfield TM3 51-55 Fox Div
Keeling James   Porterfield BT2 60-64 B Div
Keller Bill   Porterfield LCDR 59-60  
Kellogg Richard L Dick, Bugs Porterfield BT2 51-53 B Div
Kennedy James J Jim Porterfield GM3 66-67 2nd Div
Kerns William P   Porterfield SN 66 OI Div
Ketchum Laurence   Balch TPO-SN1/c 43-45  
Keutzer Donald   Porterfield MM2 54-55  
Kieffer III William H   Porterfield ENS 66 Supply Officer
Kierzowski John   Porterfield   61  
Kilcrease Daniel Jack Porterfield SM1 54-57 OC Div
Kimber Willard   Porterfield STG3 43-45 Fox Div
King John S   Balch GM3 41-43  
King Robert   Porterfield RD 67-69 OI Div
Kirbawy Victor J   Porterfield SN 66 OE Div
Kline Harold L.   Porterfield GM3 57-60  
Knight Olin Bud Porterfield SN1/c 54-57  
Knobloch Richard J   Porterfield EM1 43-45 E Div
Knoff     Porterfield ENS 57-59?  
Knutson Alton   Porterfield FN1/c 43-45  
Koch Richard   Porterfield SN1/c 43-46  
Koch Robert E   Porterfield FTC 66 2nd Div
Kolaczyk Daniel L   Porterfield RDC 66 OI Div
Korakis Connie Gus Porterfield FP2 54-55  
Koslowski Frank   Balch MM2 42-45  
Kramer, Jr Bertrand A   Porterfield DK1 66 Supply Div
Kriha John   Porterfield FN 60-63  
LaFlam Donald P   Porterfield TM3 60-63 Fox Div
Landis     Porterfield STG2 60s  
Lane Phil   Porterfield MM1 53-57  
Larson Dale   Porterfield GM 60-63  
Larson Nicholas L   Porterfield SH3 66 Supply Div
Lattin Ronald   Porterfield CS3 59-63 Supply Div
Lavergne Robert L Bob Porterfield MM3 66 M Div
Lawley Lewis S.   Porterfield EM2 66 E Div
Laycock Carol          
Leach Jim   Porterfield RD2 43-45 OI Div
LeBlanc Edward Ed Porterfield FD2 51-55  
LeBleu Paul   Balch EM2 44-45 E Div
Lee Harold          
Leith Ray   Porterfield BT1 51-54 B Div
LeJeune Nebert A Frenchie Porterfield MM3 61-65  
Lemense Philip F   Porterfield BT2 65-66 B Div
Lemmons Donald L   Porterfield RDC 66 OI Div
LePorte     Porterfield MM2 67-69  
Lesh David E   Porterfield MM2 66-69  
Levette Bruce M   Porterfield SN 66 1st Div
Lewis Archie   Porterfield FN1/c 43-45  
Lewis Jay   Porterfield Doctor 60-61  
Lewis Paul   Porterfield BT1 66 B Div
Lindberg Robert H   Porterfield BM3 66 1st Div
Litrenta Peter L   Portrefield LTJG 66 Communications Officer
Little Ted   Porterfield SK3 55-56 Supply Div
Lopez Henry   Porterfield SN 51-54  
Louden John W.   Porterfield RM2 60-64 OC Div
Lovell     Porterfield   60s  
Lowe Junior R   Porterfield      
Lowery Wayne   Porterfield SN 60-61  
Lubbers Donald Don Porterfield MM1 51-55  
Lubet Henry   Porterfield CS3 50-52 Supply Div
Lucas Louie   Porterfield      
Luff James E   Porrterfield SN 66 OI Div
Lundberg David   Porterfield RM3 64-65 OC Div
Lundy Michel R. Mike Porterfield RD2 62-65 OI Div
Lunsford Bob   Porterfield RD2 ? OI Div
Lupton Marion L   Balch GMC 40-45  
Lutz Corrado R.   Porterfield RD3 65-67 OI Div
Lynskey Ray   Porterfield GMSN 51-53  
Lyons Robert V   Balch BM3 43-45 1st Div
Lyons Clarence E Gene Porterfield Coxswain 43-45  
Lytle Rev. Ronald D   Porterfield CS 56-57 Supply Div
Mackie Donald W   Porterfield RT1 44-45  
Maddox Henry L   Porterfield FTG1 66 2nd Div
Maddox Samuel Sammy, Sam Porterfield BMSN 60-61 1st Div
Mahan James   Balch RD3 43-45 OI Div
Mahan Michael D. Mike Porterfield MM2 68-69  
Maher, Jr Joseph D   Porterfield CSCS 66 Supply Div
Malone Paul   Balch GM 43-45  
Mann Donal W   Porterfield SN 66 1st Div
Manns Wardell   Porterfield      
Mansfield Michael G   Porterfield FR 66 B Div
Mantyla Wallace   Porterfield SN 56-60  
Markle Russell   Balch RM2 43-45 OC Div
Martis Raymond R   Porterfield SN 66 OC Div
Mathews Junior E   Porterfield MM3 53-57  
Mathias Terry L   Porterfield SN 66 OE Div
McCarthy Homer   Balch      
McConnell George R          
McConnell Lawrence G   Porterfield   65  
McCoy Gerald Amos Porterfield RM3 early 60s OC Div
McCoy Lawrence   Balch SO3 42-43  
McCray Melvin L   Porterfield RD2 52-55 OI Div
McCredie William T   Porterfield BT3 51-52 B Div
McGinnis Donald H   Balch RM2 41-43 OC Div
McKay Jack W   Porterfield MM3 52-53  
McMillian, Jr Marcus   Porterfield SF1 66 R Div
McRoberts George   Balch FC2 42  
Mellor William A   Porterfield MMFN 65-69 M Div
Merck David L   Porterfield SA 66 1st Div
Merritt Doug L   Porterfield MM3 66-decom  
Michael Sherwood   Porterfield RD2 54-56 OI Div
Mihalko Michael J Mashie Porterfield MM2 65-67 M Div
Miller Willard Bill Porterfield YN1 56-58  
Miranda Filiberto   Porterfield QMSN 66 OC Div
Moellmer Karl   Porterfield LTjg 59-62  
Montagu John   Porterfield   68-69  
Moore Donald C   Porterfield BT2 52-55 B Div
Moore Richard G   Porterfield Chaplain 60-61  
Morelli Ralph T   Porterfield ST1 66 OC Div
Morgan Joseph L   Porterfield GM3 50-54  
Morgan Robert   Porterfield   43-45  
Morilon Rod   Porterfield GM3 52-55  
Mosman Ronald C Ron Porterfield TESN 52-53  
Moye Harold Sam Porterfield SF 63-64 R Div
Mueller Max   Porterfield FT2 51-52 2nd Div
Mullins Fred F   Porterfield LCDR 51-53  
Mundy Kenneth   Porterfield SN 66 Supply Div
Munoz John   Porterfield CS3 61-63 Supply Div
Murley John C   Porterfield RM2 65-69 OC Div
Murphy Dennis P   Porterfield GM2 51-54  
Murphy Kenneth L   Porterfield EM3 66 E Div
Murphy Philip A   Porterfield BTFA 66 B Div
Murray Bruce E   Porterfield RD2 66 OI Div
Nethers Leonard   Porterfield ENFN 51-53 R Div
Newby Jack   Balch RM3 43-44 OC Div
Newby Jerry   Porterfield RD3 60 OI Div
Newman William J   Porterfield ENS 66 Asst Comm Officer
Nicholson Samuel S Sam Porterfield STG3 65-69 Fox Div
Noel Porter Ron Ron Porterfield BT2 63-65 B Div
Norman Richard K   Porterfield SN 66 1st Div
Norris Roy   Porterfield MM2 43-44  
Orr     Porterfield STG3 60s  
Osborne Roy Steve Porterfield MMFN/EN2 68-69  
Owens James W   Porterfield LTjg 55-57  
Owens Emmit L   Porterfield SN 56-6-  
Oxley David   Porterfield PF 56-57  
Oxley David L   Porterfield F 65-67 R Div
Page Thomas Tom Porterfield IC2 52-56 E Div
Pagnano Edward   Balch FN1/c 43-46  
Palumbo Arthur   Balch SN1/c 43-46  
Parker Ken   Porterfield QM3 51-55 OC Div
Passarelli Jerry E.   Porterfield SM1 58-61 OC Div
Patterson Larry   Porterfield ET3 60-62 OE Div
Payne Robert J   Porterfield SH3 64-66 Supply Div
Pearce Jerry   Porterfield GM1 56  
Perdue Peter   Porterfield IC2 54-57 E Div
Perkins Robert   Balch FC 36-38  
Perri Leonard Robert Bob Balch YN3 43-44  
Peterson Jr Earl L   Porterfield FN 66-68 B Div
Petre Preston O   Porterfield LTJG    
Phelps Woody   Porterfield SM3 65-66 OC Div
Piazza Anthony J Tony Porterfield SK3 52-54 Supply Div
Picus Gerald Jay Porterfield SA 65-66  
Pierce Frank   Porterfield FTG2 63-65 2nd Div
Pomponio Thomas Tony Porterfield PN2 57-59 Ship's Office
Ponce Edward   Porterfield BT3 50-52 B Div
Poochigian Rich   Balch MM1 40-45  
Porter Will   Porterfield SH3   Supply Div
Potticary Dick   Porterfield SOSN 51-53  
Prater Glenn   Porterfield RD3 53-54 OI Div
Prisendorf Richard R   Porterfield RD3 55-58 OI Div
Pruett Charles   Porterfield   43-45  
Purcell Charles   Porterfield YN3 68-69  
Raabe Jim E   Porterfield BT3 64-67 B Div
Radamacher Edward   Porterfield RD3 51-54 OI Div
Rael Jose   Porterfield BM 52-55 1st Div
Ragan John W Bill Porterfield IC3 59-60 E Div
Ragusa Mike   Porterfield      
Ramos     Porterfield   62?  
Reasor Bill   Porterfield   54-55  
Reed John   Porterfield EMO 63-65  
Rehkopf Jim   Porterfield QMSN 67-68 OC Div
Reinhardt Elton   Porterfield      
Retton Anthony D Tony, David Porterfield BM3 62-63 1st Div
Richards Albert   Porterfield MM3 59-60  
Rindin James A   Porterfield ENS 52-53  
Riner, Jr. Brodie   Porterfield MM3 69-70  
Roberts Jon   Porterfield SO3 56-57  
Robison Gaylen   Porterfield GMSN 56-60  
Roe William A   Porterfield SN 58-60  
Rogers Gary   Porterfield SFP3 66-68 R Div
Rogers Calvin Cal Porterfield LTjg 51-54  
Rollins William E   Porterfield BM 51-53 1st Div
Romero Richard   Porterfield   62  
Romleshi Phyllis          
Ronning James E.   Porterfield PN2 53-54 Ship's Office
Rotheringham Bob   Porterfield MM3 74-75?  
Rowe Eddie   Porterfield GM2 53-57  
Runk Edward   Porterfield   52-53  
Sanford Phil   Porterfield BT3 64-66 B Div
Schaffer Irving F. Irv Porterfield QMSN 45-46 OC Div
Scherer Bruce   Porterfield DC3 66 R Div
Schmidt Alois   Porterfield BM3 54-59 1st Div
Schmidt Jurgen B.   Porterfield GM3 45-46  
Schmitz Richard Rick Porterfield RD3 61-62 OI Div
Schroeter Oscar   Porterfield BT2 51-54 B Div
Schulte, Sr. Donald A   Porterfield QM3 55-59 OC Div
Schwebel Donald R Don Porterfield YN2 67-69  
Scovill Samuel   Balch Coxswain 43-43  
Scully George   Porterfield   62-64  
Seitz     Porterfield TM2 60s  
Selbach Laurence   Balch GM3 36-41  
Selvig Richard E   Porterfield   66  
Seward Warren H   Balch MM1 42-45  
Shafer Donald D   Porterfield   54  
Shaffer David   Porterfield GM1 52-55  
Shaffer James C   Porterfield QM2 51-55 OC Div
Shaffer Jeffrey E   Porterfield TM3 60-63 Fox Div
Shashaguay William   Porterfield RD1 60-62 OI Div
Shelton David C          
Shelton Delbert          
Short Robert A Bob Porterfield SOSN 53-55  
Shumbat Sylvester A Syl Porterfield GM3 51-54  
Siemens Jerry   Porterfield FTG3 68-69 2nd Div
Siler Jr. James W Jim Porterfield BT3 64-66 B Div
Sipes Terry   Porterfield GMGSN 59-63  
Skinner Jack   Porterfield FN1/c 45-46  
Slaughter Elmer John Porterfield RD2 67-68 OI Div
Smith     Porterfield   62  
Smith Bill   Porterfield SM2   OC Div
Smith G Ray   Balch BM2 43-45 1st Div
Smith Philip T   Porterfield WT3 44-46  
Smith William H Bill Porterfield WTC 43-45  
Soto Cleto S   Porterfield SN 65 1st Div
Sotomayer Manuel P   Porterfield BM1 51-54 1st Div
Souza Joe   Porterfield FN 44-45  
Speed Thomas   Balch BMC 42-45 1st Div
Speirs Roy M   Balch QM 39-42 OC Div
Speranzo Milo   Balch      
Stapleton Lew   Balch FCO2 42-45  
Starr III Howard F Buddy Porterfield EN3 66-68 R Div
Steele Robert Bob, Stainless Porterfield SN 52-55  
Stegall Charles   Porterfield CS3 52-55 Supply Div
Stinar Charles Chuck Porterfield RD 59-60 OI Div
Stout Anthony R Robert Porterfield MM3 59-62  
Stratton Chester D Chet Porterfield MM2 54-56  
Strickert     Porterfield STG2 60s  
Styron James F   Porterfield GM2 51-52  
Summers Robert   Porterfield FN 59-60  
Sutherlin Charles C Chuck Porterfield QM3 51-52 OC Div
Sweet Richard   Porterfield BT3 62 B Div
Sweet Tim   Porterfield RM 65-69 OC Div
Syslo Richard Dick, Horse Porterfield MM3 64-68  
Tagg Robert Bob Porterfield QM3 66-69 OC Div
Tanner John P   Porterfield LT 57-59?  
Tarbox Raymond   Porterfield   55-56  
Tatting John Carl   Porterfield RD2 51-54 OI Div
Taylor Dale W   Porterfield BTC 65-68 B Div
Taylor Randolph   Porterfield RT2 43-45  
Tchlichting Tom   Porterfield RM1 60-62 OC Div
Tennant Baughan   Balch      
Terrell John     EM3 63-66 E Div
Tessier Jefferson T Jeff Porterfield   51-55  
Theriault George   Porterfield SN 66-68  
Thomas Harvey   Porterfield MM1 55-61  
Thomas Sam   Balch/Porterfield MM1 42-43/43-45  
Thornes Thomas B   Balch EM1 36-40 E Div
Thornton Edward L   Porterfield CS2 58-59 Supply Div
Thunstrom Paul   Porterfield CSSN 61-65 Supply Div
Thweatt Jr Frank M   Porterfield LT 60-63 1st LT, Asst Weaps Off
Tindle Carl L   Porterfield SO2 54-55  
Traxler R.M.   Porterfield   54  
Trube Vance   Porterfield RD3 58-60 OI Div
Turley Ted   Porterfield   65-67  
Turpin Lander H   Balch MMC 38-44  
Tuter Edward   Porterfield MM3 66  
Ulrich Vernon B   Porterfield BT3 53-57 B Div
Underwood Rodney   Porterfield GMG3 68-69  
Valente Richard L   Porterfield IC3 52-54 E Div
Vantrease Robert   Porterfield BT2 52-53 B Div
Vaughan James W Jim Porterfield BT 65-66 B Div
Veek Brad   Porterfield   late 50s  
Venard Stanley   Porterfield GM3 55-56  
Vigil Lee   Porterfield SK3 65-67 Supply Div
Virlee Richard J   Porterfield RM3 65-69 OC Div
Vogel Robert   Porterfield GM3 51-53  
von Dioszeghy Adam   Porterfield LTjg 65-66 ASW Officer
Walker Billy N   Porterfield 1/c 43-46  
Walker Clarence   Porterfield RMSN 64-65  
Ward Leonard T   Porterfield RM1 43-45 OC Div
Warf Samuel L   Porterfield SN 57-60  
Waterman Michael M Mike Porterfield FT3 54-55 FT Div
Wearley Gary R   Porterfield EM2 65 E Div
Weaver Walter   Porterfield TM3 64-65 Fox Div
Weber Nick A   Balch FN1/c 43-45  
Wehmeier Cliff C   Porterfield FN 53-55  
Wendt Myron Mike Porterfield ETR3 52-53 OE Div
Westcott Marvin   Balch SM1 41-44 OC Div
Wheeler Richard L   Porterfield SOG2 58-61  
Whitacre Rick   Porterfield EM3 65-69 E Div
White Robert J   Balch RM 41-42 OC Div
White William H Bill, Camera Porterfield LTjg 51-53  
Whitehead Paul B.   Porterfield RD3 68-69 OI Div
Wickett Robert J   Porterfield EM2 64-66 E Div
Wieland Larry   Porterfield MM2 53-57  
Wiley John   Porterfield   61-63  
Wiley Larry E.   Porterfield RD1 67-69 OI Div
Wilkerson Fred   Porterfield SM 67-69 OC Div
Williams Jim          
Williams Jerre B.   Porterfield PN3 56-57 Ship's Office
Wilmoth Perry   Porterfield BT3 63-66 B Div
Wilson Jeff   Porterfield PN 73-73 Ship's Office
Wilson Ray   Porterfield MM2 72-73  
Winters Earl W   Porterfield GMSN 51-55  
Wojtowicz Ronald F   Porterfield SM2 66-69 OI Div
Wolfe Kenneth   Porterfield MM2 51-54  
Womble George   Porterfield IC3 67-68 E Div
Wright Jim   Porterfield LCDR 66-68  
Yoders Larry   Porterfield SF3 64-66 R Div
Young Jack R   Porterfield RMSN 56-58 OC Div
Young William B   Porterfield CDR 64  
Zmudka Joe   Porterfield FP2 51-54  
Zoellner Glennon W Glen Porterfield EM3 54-56 E Div

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Balch-Porterfield Reunion Association