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Crew Pages

The Roster and Memorial Pages have been updated
as of
7 July 2013.


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Locator Page

Are you looking for a lost shipmate?

Please click on Locator Page above and use the links to help you find a missing shipmate.
If you do locate someone and he's not a member of the association, please invite
him to join.  Then contact us with his name, address, phone number and/or email address
so we can add him to our database/mailing list.


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Balch-Porterfield Bulletin Board

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If you have reunion photos you'd like to see posted on the website
please contact Bill White for details.

There are over 143 Meg of photos and text files on this site.
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·         Photos By: Bill White

·         Photos By: Jim Rindin

·         Photo By: John Staubus

·         2001 Reunion Photos

·         2000 Reunion

·         1999 Reunion

·         1998 Reunion

·         1972 Mini Reunion

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 fla4_anm.gif (8105 bytes)  Destroyers   fla4_anm.gif (8105 bytes)

By Win Brooks

    Ships' Histories   

shield.gif (14402 bytes)   USS Balch DD363 History: Page 1  shield.gif (14402 bytes)

cmcpo.gif (1061 bytes)   Statistical Data USS BALCH DD363    cmcpo.gif (1061 bytes)

po1.gif (862 bytes)   A Brief Report to Jog your Memory   po1.gif (862 bytes)

By S. Hugo Blomgren, QMC

po1.gif (862 bytes)    The Forgotten Navy Expedition of World War II   po1.gif (862 bytes)

po2.gif (734 bytes)    Sinking of the Yorktown  po2.gif (734 bytes)

 shield.gif (14402 bytes)   USS Balch DD363 History: Page 2  shield.gif (14402 bytes)

po2.gif (734 bytes)    Second Battle of the Solomon Sea     po2.gif (734 bytes)

   cmcpo.gif (1061 bytes)   US Navy Forces at the Second Battle of the Solomon Sea    cmcpo.gif (1061 bytes)

By: Neil MacIntosh, LT, 1943-46

shield.gif (14402 bytes)  USS Porterfield DD682 History Page 1   shield.gif (14402 bytes)

smc.gif (5313 bytes)  USS Porterfield DD682: History   smc.gif (5313 bytes)

By S. Hugo Blomgren, QMC

    Gill's U.S. Navy Ships Histories
(History of the USS Porterfield DD 682   1942 to 1945)

po2.gif (734 bytes)      Jim Devin MM3 – Man Overboard    po2.gif (734 bytes)

po3.gif (616 bytes)    The sinking of the Porterfield    po3.gif (616 bytes)

The links below are not working.  We will be correcting them as soon as we can.

Cruise Book Index

War Cruise Book Provided by: ?




  By: Harry S. Johnson


Cruise Book Provided by: Bill White    

Three Pages of incredible Photos  

Cruise Book Provided by: Ed Franzen

Cruise Book Provided by:   ?     

Cruise Book Provided by:  ?

Cruise Book Provided by: of: Mike Lundy 

The Porterfield Supplement


Cruise Book Provided by: James Kennedy

Cruise Book Provided by: Michael Dupuy

Cruise Book Provided by: Bill Cromwell  

Photos from Crew members



Ships' Crew Members Memorial Pages

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